Atelier Hoodie
Atelier Hoodie


Atelier Hoodie

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Design & Details
This collection is based on the concept of owning a store in the future to celebrate our couture and special items we wish to make for our community. This hoodie has been designed and created through our artist-to-store collaboration with designer Haydn Lawson 

The concept was to have a storefront with an alive attitude. The use of warm colours to highlight the old well kept architecture of the store has been built from. Our values and attitudes reflect the use of old well-structured values with new modern-day policies and ethics.

This garment takes roughly over 65,000 thousand stitches to complete using over 14+ colours. This process has been revised more than any other project to ensure this piece is a staple for our brand. It showcases hard work, in-house atelier structure and what we wish to move forward with - Creating clothing that takes time and patience. 

The design is also embroidered with Rayon thread created with viscose filaments produced from wood pulp.  

Feel Aspect
With our embroidery process, we ensured the backing of the embroidery is flat as possible to reduce irritation and any sensory concerns for individuals. This garment is pre-brushed & is advised to lint roll the inside to remove any excess fleece fibres when purchased. 

Size (cm)

Chest 57.5 60 62.5 65 67
Length 70.5 72.5 74.5 76.5 79


Washing & Care
Our clothing is highly suggested to be washed in a delicate bag. This helps protect our custom embroidery and fleece. Please read the wash tags located at the top of the garment.