Blue Day Dreams T-Shirt
Blue Day Dreams T-Shirt
Blue Day Dreams T-Shirt
Blue Day Dreams T-Shirt
Blue Day Dreams T-Shirt


Blue Day Dreams T-Shirt

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Blue Day Dreams is a 100% cotton base shirt that is breathable and lightweight when worn. With a Standard AS/NZS UPF Protection of 50+ for the perfect day. 

Model is 5'5" supplied with a Medium which hangs at his hip. 

'Blue Day Dreams' is part of the 'Bedroom Collection'. The design is inspired by moving house and missing the serenity of having space to calls yours. 

"When we moved home, it was heartbreaking to leave my room. I spent hours dancing, laughing and creating good & bad memories. It was hard moving. I felt at the time it was my only safe space. When we moved, I lost all of it. I lost my mental health, safe space and my ability to find a room that I could make my energy out of. It made me think about how places and people are just things that will eventually grow old so why stay and put time and love into it? That stuck with me for a while until I knew I wasn't living in the moment at all. We grow, we change and we need those moments to find what works and what doesn't. That day I started putting posters and art back onto my walls. It doesn't seem like a big moment, but to me it was." 

The shirt has 30,000 machine stitches within it to create a beautifully detailed garment to share anywhere. 

Feel Aspect
Our cotton base shirt has a beautiful strong blend of cotton. Due to it being 100% cotton it does require an iron after a wash to reflect the best quality. Do not iron over the embroidery at any costs. 

The shirt has its main image located on the front of the shirt. This can be annoying to some people if they have an extremely sensitive chest. SARSKILD does wish for people to feel comfortable at all times wearing the garment. 

Size (cm)

Chest 45 47 52 56.5 61 64
Length 73 75 78.5 78.5 82 83.5

Processing Time

Shirts are sewn and processed as soon as possible to reduce the waste of stock. We process your order as soon as we get it. We aim to have your item shipped within a week with receiving times handled by our shipping couriers. 

Washing & Care
Our clothing is highly suggested to be washed in a delicate bag. This helps protect our embroidery. Do not iron over imagery. Iron inside out. Hang dry in a shaded area to reduce fading is best suggested. Do not machine dry as it may shrink the shirt. 

* Offer only is available to customers living in Perth, Australia. We will offer this to our over east customers in Australia as well as our International Guests, but only to those who wish to pay the required shipping fixed costs. 

Artist Credit: While we draft and create a lot of our work, this item was drafted then digitally illustrated by the talented "Katriel".

Fun Fact: Since you have scrolled this far down. Having a dream about camels is about having to go over an obstacle to reach a specific goal you are wanting to catch! You can achieve it, you just can't give up. 

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