1929's Golden Dream Sweatshirt
1929's Golden Dream Sweatshirt
1929's Golden Dream Sweatshirt
1929's Golden Dream Sweatshirt


1929's Golden Dream Sweatshirt

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Size: Model is a slim build that is 5”5 wearing a medium. These jumpers are different to our regular jumper sizes, so please double check measurements. 

1929's Golden Dream is dedicated to my biggest inspiration, my nan.  
With my store being highly dedicated around my grandma, I wanted to stick with the vintage theme and hold 1929 with it. When I first designed graphics for shirts and jumpers, this design was the first one that came to mind. I wasn't able to put it into production due to the cost behind it, as well as the precise details that are put into the shadows and colours. Working with the most amazing coders and machinists, we were all able to create this masterpiece. I feel I have said it before, but this has to be my favourite jumper of any collection. It feels a massive dream has come true and it just feels unstoppable. (thank you) 

Feel Aspect
Our Cotton/Poly blend helps create a soft, gentle, warm and comfortable jumper for any outing. Worn with or without a shirt underneath, the embroidery is itch-free and sticks to comfortability. 

Size (cm)

Chest 60 61 63 64 66
Length 68 72 72 75 77

Washing & Care
Our clothing is highly suggested to be washed in a delicate bag. This helps protect our custom embroidery and fleece. Please read wash tags located at the bottom of the garment. 

* Offer only is available to customers living in Perth, Australia. We will offer this to our over east customers in Australia as well as our International Guests, but only to those who wish to pay the required shipping fixed costs. 

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