Moss Agate 18K Gold Bracelet
Moss Agate 18K Gold Bracelet
Moss Agate 18K Gold Bracelet
Moss Agate 18K Gold Bracelet


Moss Agate 18K Gold Bracelet

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Limited Edition
Our Moss Agate 18K Gold Plated Bracelet is formulated with stainless steel
as well as tarnish-resistant lobster claws and hoops. 

Memoir on Bracelets 
When selecting our range for the "Art of Intimidation" Collection, I wanted to find something that was delicate but sturdy. Jewellery has always been a personal acknowledgement of presenting your style.

Moss Agate is a stunning chain of different details on every link. This Moss Agate holds different colours and styles that have been washed and polished to ensure a soft and clear sight of its beautiful stone. 
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⚜ Accredited Materials ⚜

  • Stainless Steel 18KG Gold Plated   
  • Locally Sourced Materials in Western Australia.
  • Tarnish Resistant Gold Plated Lobster Claws & Jump Hoops.
  • Light Weight
  • Reusable Crushed Velvet Jewellery Box.

This bracelet is part of the "Art of Intimidation" Collection found to hit online very soon.

Bracelets are made to measure. You may contact us to request a certain size or choose an available size below. Sizing includes lobster claw and jumps rings in total measurement. If you need assistance with size or wish to see the bracelet in person first, please contact us at . 

Care & Clean
To care for this delicate item, ensure you do not come in contact with cleaning agents that contain any non-natural chemicals or shower with it. Due to oils from the skin, dust and dirt can all impact the way your bracelet is presented over time. To ensure this doesn’t dull down or turn shades, mix mild liquid soap and warm water together to create a foamy solution. Place bracelet down into solution for 3-5 mins. Once done, remove bracelet and gently dry with a soft cloth. Ensuring you wipe all spots and details. Once done, wash under warm water and repeat drying process. If you are wishing to store bracelet, place them back into its velvet box for safe storage. If you have any other questions or concerns, contact our store representatives.