Rose Shirt
Rose Shirt

Rose Shirt

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This cotton T-Shirt with embroidered rose is handmade with a touch of love. It also comes with a spray of our signature cologne, available with purchase. 

Feel Aspects 
The shirt is described to feel like liquid cotton, it feels like clouds are legit touching you. Don't sue us for that, it was just a description. Do you really think we could make cloud clothing? (Really? You did? Thank you for believing in us for that, love you)

Doesn't poke or annoy any aspects of the chest when worn. The embroidery doesn't itch or irritate when worn either. 


Chest 45 47 52 56.5 61 64
Length 73 75 78.5 78.5 82 83.5

Washing & Care
Our clothing is highly suggested to be washed in a delicate bag. This helps protect our ink on our shirts. 

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