Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Tax

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Land Tax


SÄRSKILD announced on the 2nd of June 2020 that they will be donating a percentage of monthly sales to organisations around Western Australia. 

The creative director made it aware on Instagram. Making it clear that the land that the business is built from should be credited to its original ancestors. 

The director also made it clear that the company motto of "Unique & Special" is used to all audiences that respect Equality & Justice. 


"From the beginning of my business, it's important to understand that Art is a form of expression in everyone. Through the way we talk, write, draw, paint and physical movement of things. Being brought up in Australia has been the most amazing and beautiful wonder I have ever been given. I'm so lucky to have the ability to grow with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander friends and family especially being loved ones. The culture and art from our original ancestors are so unique and special and that is what brings character into our Country.

We cannot forget them, we cannot lose that culture. 

As of the 2nd of June, we will be donating a percentage of monthly profits to organisations around Western Australia as that is our home and where we are built from. As we open stores around Australia, we aim to raise our percentage and our list of organisations. If you wish to contact our store for questions or details, please contact us on email."


- Jason