Terms & Guidelines with Conditions 

By purchasing one of our stickers, you have the opportunity to be a part of our website as well as $50.00 AUD in cash!  This is what you will need to do: 

To enter the contest, you will need to use the sticker purchased and form a creative and unique Instagram post. In the post, you can use any form of media within the post whether it is Video or Photo. You will need to tag @sarskild and mention #mysarskild in your caption. We will not accept Instagram Story Posts.

Entry must be posted on a public account for judges to find. We will not be judging the amount of interaction the post has. So please do not feel hesitant about your following. 

Your post cannot be uploading and then deleted. 

Entries Start 16/01/2019
Entries Close 18/02/2019
Winner Announced 20/02/2019

Please keep an edited version that would be suitable for our website. We won't be able to use a photo only edited towards Instagram. 

The winner will need an active Bank Account as payment will only be processed through that. We will not be providing prize by hand. 

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in dismissal from the contest. 

Please note, this will be updated. (16/02/2019 - Jason)