What does SÄRSKILD mean?
'SÄRSKILD' is Swedish for Special, with dialectics relating to 'unique'.
How are you sustainable? 
Our Atelier aims to be sustainable in and out of our studio. From working with wholesalers that provide detailed course of action with their garments construction and process, as well as having contractors in our community to reduce air pollution. We also aim to reuse, recycle and re-generate materials that have failed or aren't at a sellable condition. 
Can we do returns & exchanges?
Yes. We offer returns and exchanges to customers that follow strict guidelines to ensure a safe and re-sellable product.
Within 14 days of Purchase. Has been washed 
Can provide a clear purchase statement.  Tag's are not removed.
Personal Information Align with the order.  Damaged in any way.
Ships within Australia. We cannot offer international returns. 
 Free Shipping is a ONE WAY offer to our customers, emailing us prior to shipping the item is the best suit to ensure your item will not be rejected. If you have any questions, please contact us sarskild.contact@gmail.com
Can I try on a garment before buying? 
Yes! Contact us to confirm a booking to visit our Atelier located in Cloverdale at no extra charge.
Can I ask for something custom?
You are more then welcome to message us to see what we can do, all of our embroidery is done in our studio and can be arranged.