SÄRSKILD - A name, A Meaning & Confusion 

"SÄRSKILD is Swedish, but I am not." 

Growing up in the 21st Century, especially through the early stages of growing my brand, I felt a special connection through different content creators online. One of them being with a Video Content Creator Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg - (Also known as 'PewDiePie' 

At a young age, I was so endorsed in learning about Sweden that I wanted to be apart of the culture and language. While growing up in my young years for High-School, I would use Swedish words to cover up my crushes names. I would tell you them, but sadly they wouldn't be appropriate for our website. (Everyone learns the swear words first of course) 

As I started my young years in Perth, Australia, I knew the risks of owning a small business with a Swedish name could get me into. Such as the location of my store, my personal life and most importantly, understanding Cultural Appreciation. 

As growing with my brand, the name has been used in different contexts around the language, but the best understanding for many other Non-Speaking Tongue in Australian's was to hand over the name with 'Unique & Special' which later came to 'Unique & or Special" 

As the main definition of SÄRSKILD isn't based upon Uniqueness, it has a better understanding of the name around the country as our brand aims to include Unique Designers, Unique Ideas & have a Special name. 

As being born from two main different cultures (Māori + Australian) The confusion between stealing appreciation can be seen. As a young business, we may not show the action of working with different cultures at the time, but we do aim to show inclusiveness within our business and giving back to community plans. 

While the word isn't used in other countries as much around Australia, it also gives credit to the original owners of the name and their history. It's important to give credit to those who established the name as well as the language to be appreciated by others. To give remembrance to Sweden.  

As we conclude, the brand SÄRSKILD is a conclusive cover of an amazing word that shares insight into our daily workings towards showing cultural appreciation.

- Jason Partridge 
26/10/2020 1:49 PM.