A Colourful Christmas Bundle - WAS $134.98

A Colourful Christmas Bundle - WAS $134.98

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Get yourself a Christmas gift from Santa this year. 
Together, all items are $134.98 (AUD) now down to $125.00 

Size Guides & Information

80's Design Jumper 

Chest 49 53 59 66 69
Length 48 51 56 57 60

80's Winter Jumper is a jumper that reminds me of a time I spent to the beach with a friend to advertise my first ever jumper. The beach was quiet, stormy and cold. It was perfect to watch the waves crash, sadly I didn't see anyone get blown away. This design was also inspired by a guy I saw one time at my work who styled perfectly. (Also being hella cute.)

Every design is done by hand with thread and needle on this piece. Each jumper created will be designed differently as well but still holding the same characteristics. 

Feel Aspect
Being a weight-based jumper, this jumper is designed to stay warm and can be worn best without a shirt underneath. Embroidery done inside does not scratch or irritate unless the skin is extremely sensitive. No embroidery is done on the back of the jumper.   


September Flowers Tee

Chest 45 47 52 56.5 61 64
Length 73 75 78.5 78.5 82 83.5

September Flower's is a 100% cotton shirt that is breathable and lightweight when worn. With a Standard AS/NZS UPF Protection of 50+ for the perfect day. 

September Flower's is a personalized favourite of SÄRSKILD. Created with 100% cotton base and thread, each one is made personally. Made with over 7 different types of thread and over 5+ hours of work designed within it, it is made to create a beautiful flower chain around you. 

Feel Aspect
With its lightweight cotton thread count, September Flower's is designed to feel fresh and re-newing to your wardrobe. It's thread's are created and knotted within the fabric to reduce irritation towards skin contact. 


Greek Silver Earrings

The drop from the ear is 10mm
& design is 20mm in diameter.   


Greece Silver was purchased as a button but then converted to an earring. The loop is made of out Stainless Steal to protect sensitive ears. All earrings sold have not been used. I personally wanted to go with a greek design as our first set of earrings to bring something beautiful to the store and to you. 

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