Bush Fire - Fundraiser

Bush Fire - Fundraiser

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Support the current Bust Fire Crisis in Australia with a small donation. 

All donations will be sent to the relief without any extra fees. As credit care and transaction fees may be involved, SÄRSKILD will donate extra to cover it so your personal donaton can be devliered 100%. 

Teirs are below. (Note, all donations and profits will be send) 

$3.00 - (Extra $1) Donated 

$5.00 - (Extra $2) Donated. 

$10.00 - (Extra $3.00) Donated. 

$25.00 - (Extra $5.00) Donated. 

As SÄRSKILD is wanted to design a coat due to the emotions caused, we are offering donators that over any amount to be added to its collection piece. This concept has not been designed yet but may be offered. If this item is sold with our terms and conditions will not be gained in profit. Any profit made from the item will be donated to recovery funds or emergency services. 

Contact @sarskild or sarskild.contact@gmail.com if questions or concerns are brought into the discussion. 

NOTE: For legal obligations, we are not associated with Red Cross or are currently in our personal location near East's Bushfires. We are located in Perth. All donations will be presented and donated through 


All banks statements from Purchase of Individuals may be reported upon if need be. Invoices of other members donations are not accepted under our privacy act.
Thank you.