Scottish Morning - Green Scarf

Scottish Morning - Green Scarf

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Scottish Morning is 100% Australian Wool blanket re-cycled into a scarf. A lightweight but dense accessory for any outgoing.  

Extremely Limited Stock, Will not return. 

Scottish Morning was inspired by its tartan print and unique weight perfect to fit any standard. It also isn't straight, it has a slight curve to sit around your next in a neat fit.

Feel Aspect
Wool is one of the most resistant fibres known. As the scarf has been minimally processed, it becomes more suitable for its instant warmth and comfort. If that doesn't make sense, then think of having a Christmas sweater, but more suitable for comfort. 

Length: 158 cm
Width: 14 cm

Washing & Care
Our clothing is highly suggested to be washed in a delicate bag. This helps protect our custom embroidery and other materials. 

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