Empire's Return - Gold Tin Earrings
Empire's Return - Gold Tin Earrings

Empire's Return - Gold Tin Earrings

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"Empire's Return" are lightweight tin earrings paired together to create a beautiful moment for any occasion that brings out the best in you. 

Created from drop-down buttons. These earrings were designed to go well with our current earring collection. I felt the design would be best to have two of the earrings paired together on one hook to create a more dimensional look and feel instead of a flat earring. The material used is tin, so the two may cling and clang together when walking as they are not stuck together. 

"I've noticed that the earrings are extremely lightweight and forget that they are with me. When I walk or turn my head the earrings don't create any noise only when I move my head really fast listing to Charli XCX or Dua Lipa, but with the volume up 150%, I can't hear my voice, nor the actual earrings" - jason

Feel Aspect
Extremely Lightweight.
Standard Industrial Earring Hoop. 

The drop from the ear is 10mm
& design is 20mm in diameter. 

This item comes in a pair. This is not a returnable item for hygiene reasons. The design shown is on both sides. 

Orders may be put on backorder due to stock levels.

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