Lover's - Short Sleeve Tee
Lover's - Short Sleeve Tee

Lover's - Short Sleeve Tee

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This (100%) cotton t-shirt has a breathable material made for a comfortable feeling. It also comes with a spray of our signature cologne, available with purchase. 

This was designed by our first community artist. © SÄRSKILD 2018. 
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Feel Aspects 
This short sleeve shirt is a heavy cotton blend. As it is breathable, it doesn't feel heavy on the body. This clothing piece may not be the best for hotter environments or physical activity but is perfect for social events and gatherings or you can sit in your room and cry. It's really up to you. 

Please seek our sizing chart here.

Washing & Care
Our clothing is highly suggested to be washed in a delicate bag. This helps protect our ink on our shirts. 

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