Rose Garden - Custom Piece
Rose Garden - Custom Piece

Rose Garden - Custom Piece

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Rose Garden is a 100% cotton shirt that is breathable and lightweight when worn. With a Standard AS/NZS UPF Protection of 50+ for the perfect day.

Rose Garden is another personalized favourite of SÄRSKILD. Created with 100% cotton base and thread, each one is made personally. Made with over 4 different types of thread and over 5+ hours of work designed within it, it is made to create a beautiful flower chain around you. 

Feel Aspect
With its lightweight cotton thread count, Rose Garden's is designed to feel fresh and re-newing to your wardrobe. It's thread's are created and knotted within the fabric to reduce irritation towards skin contact. Especially for Christmas. 

Size (cm)

Chest 45 47 52 56.5 61 64
Length 73 75 78.5 78.5 82 83.5

Processing Time
Please note, this may take 1-2 weeks before the item is shipped due to time creating this product along with other duties it may intake. 

You may order Priority Shipping at Registers to receive it faster. 

As a store, we do wish to invite our customers back when an issue may occur. This time period lasts for 5 months when you purchase this product.

Washing & Care
Our clothing is highly suggested to be washed in a delicate bag. This helps protect our custom embroidery and fleece. 

* Offer only is available to customers living in Perth, Australia. We will offer this to our over east customers in Australia as well as our International Guests, but only to those who wish to pay the required shipping fixed costs. 

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