Styx Hand Threaded Earrings
Styx Hand Threaded Earrings
Styx Hand Threaded Earrings
Styx Hand Threaded Earrings
Styx Hand Threaded Earrings


Styx Hand Threaded Earrings

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Limited Edition
Created with reclaimed materials, our earrings are created using rich and vibrant material to be worn at any special moment. 

Memoir on Earrings
While creating the collection for "Art of Intimidation", being stressed was a massive topic on hand during the production. Forcing myself to find ways to feel creative but still productive led me to create earrings. During the selection of different earrings, these two made the list. Taking over 2 weeks at different times of the day, I was able to find different methods to hold shape and allow its beauty to flow. 

Styx Hand Threaded Earrings are created using Glass, Detailed Artwork and High-Quality Acrylic Beading. Threaded with high quality, fray-resistant string to ensure the best durability when worn.
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⚜ Accredited Materials ⚜

  • Stainless Steel Gold Plated Shephard Earring Hooks.  
  • Hand Crafted & Woven Shape.
  • Locally Sourced Materials in Western Australia.
  • Includes Delicate Glass Beads.
  • Artisanal Designed Beading.
  • Light Weight & Delicate 
  • Reusable Crushed Velvet Jewellery Box.

These earrings are part of the "Art of Intimidation" Collection found to hit online very soon.


While constructing our earrings, we thread by hand and not by needle to ensure the beads are not damaged when threading them. Using shared techniques, we are able to create secured shaping for them to be worn at any event.